Nana Feyiasehene in Collaboration with FashionWorks International is introducing ‘HERITAGE TRADING’ in Feyiase Akoyem.
FashionWorks International, led by its Founder and Managing Director Doreen Adusei MBE, is now supporting the development of Feyiase residents with businesses and vocational skills to offer direction in improving entrepreneurial opportunities. Working closely with Feyiasehene, FashionWorks International is:
–♦ Redirecting Ambitious Visions into practical realization
–♦ Supporting ‘Heritage Trading’ of artisans & makers
–♦ Developing initiatives for economic and social inclusion
–♦ Developing proposals and funding bids for Feyiase

Contact Details:
Doreen Adusei, MBE
Industrial Advisor to Feyiasehene
Town of Feyiase in the Ashanti Kingdom
Feyiase Akoyem Palace